Doha II

After a first look at the capital of Qatar last june, I was again in Doha last week.

The temperature was more bearable, only 35°C, and allowed walks along the corniche during daytime.

This is the Museum of Islamic Arts at the southern end of the corniche, by far the best museum in Doha. We tried also the museum of modern art (mathaf), but only 3 rooms were open. It’s a bit oversold, or at least the communication about it occurs too early.

The Museum of Islamic Arts

The skyline of Doha changed a bit since last time. Some buildings have more floors. In all this area there was only one building in year 2000.

Doha skyline day and night

To escape the heat outside, we went to the Villagio mall one afternoon. Shops are like inside Italian houses. The ceiling is painted with clouds and the lights intend to make you feel in Tuscany at dusk. There is even a canal, swimming-pool blue, with electric gondolas sailing on it. And of course there is also an ice ring in this mall!


The gondolas:


The luxury shops area:


One evening we went to the artificial island called the Pearl. The marina is still half empty, but luxury shops are already open while some buildings are still under construction.It’s nice on a map or satellite view, but nothing lets you guess the shape of the island once there.

The Pearl

Some people also advised us to go to the culture and heritage center Katara, but like the museum of modern art, I found it oversold. Not many things to do beside the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and we weren’t in a mood for a movie. There are only a couple of restaurants here, and the beach is private. We also expected some old buildings (as heritage would suggest), but it’s all newly built.




Finally, my favourite place in Doha remains Souq Waqif. And strangely I don’t have any picture of it. It’s more an atmosphere and the many cafés and restaurants that made us spent all of our evenings here.

Islamic center next to Souq Waqif

The pearl sculpture


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