Scandinavian trip – Episode 4 : Stockholm

This was the last step of my trip. And undoubtedly the most beautiful city.

(just in case you missed it, here is episode 1)

I arrived there in the middle of the afternoon and started walking randomly in Gamla Stan, the old town. It’s not very big but it doesn’t look like a nordic city. It’s a mix of a hanseatic and an italian city. That’s colorfoul.

One street in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan

And that’s very touristy !

Main street

In Stockholm more than every other swedish city, water is everywhere.

Gamla Stan from the city hall

I met my host at his place and we tested the bike he borrowed for me. An old single-speed with only the back pedal brake, something rare in France but I got used to it now. We made a very nice tour in his neighborhood on the shore of the Mälaren but I unfortunately forgot the camera at the flat. We met one of her colleague, who had a french student at home. In Stockholm I heard many french people around me everywhere.

On sunday the weather was awful so I spent most of my time in museums. I mainly visited the Vasa Museum, the most visited museum in Sweden (Louisiana was the most visited museum in Denmark, I’ve seen both !), worth it. The Vasa is a huge war ship built in the 17th century which sank in Stockholm’s harbour during its maiden trip, really impressive. The architecture museum was also really interesting and explained a lot on the evolution of urban landscapes and some buildings I would see the day after.

The transport system is not only made of subways but also ferries. So I took this picture of Gamla Stan in the storm.

Gamla Stan in the storm

A house in Gamla Stan

A street in Gamla Stan

I spent my last crowns buying a t-shirt. That was the only thing missing in my 5kg luggage. (I was travelling light !)

I have many more pictures of monday. The weather was super sunny and we spent the whole day biking around the city with my host because his weekend were monday and tuesday. That was great.

First that’s where I would be working if I were swedish, the Lantmäteriet 😉


The bike trip was really pleasant, first on the shore of the lake Mälaren.

Shore of Mälaren

Facing the city hall, a building I liked, mix of venetian palace with nordic architecture.

The city hall

Floating youth hostel

This boat is a youth hostel. That should be fun.

Work and Gamla Stan

A new tunnel for commuter trains is under construction under water.

Country house in the heart of the city

Hard to believe this house is in the middle of the city.


Södermalm is the island south of Gamla Stan, a popular neighborhood

Ski resort

This hill is a ski resort for long and snowy winters.

Short after a picnic in a small park with some of my hosts friends we enjoyed milkshakes in a great new neighborhood.

Enjoying the sun

New eco-friendly neighborhood

Nordiska and Vasa Museums

At least a picture from the outside of the Vasa Museum (on the right).


This place reminds me the french riviera.

The rest of the tour was mainly in Djurgärden, a huge park just beside the center, very pleasant, were we met another friend.

Small castle in Djurgärden


My host said it looks like Hogwarts.This building (on the left) may be an hospital.

Friendly sparrow in Djurgärden

The birds and duck were not afraid. A goose even tried repeatedly to eat my fingers.

Getting used to the bike brake system, feeling confident, I looked away of the road and bumped into my hosts bike, slightly distorting is rear wheel. I’m sorry for that, now it’s more noisy.

We ended up biking 40km that day. Here is a map from the tour.

As it was my birthday my host invited me for a nice meal in a Thai restaurant. It was a great end for the trip.

I left early in the morning to catch the bus to Skavsta airport, then a plane to Beauvais and another bus to Paris. I like small airports, everything is faster than in big ones. But they are hard to reach.


This trip was outstanding, I really miss adjectives to describe it. All cities were really worth to stop by and people welcoming and friendly. These are easy countries for travellers, everyone speaks English, transportation is fast, easy and relatively cheap in Sweden. I found Denmark more expensive. It was easy to travel light, I recommend it.

Here is a map of the whole trip to locate the cities.

trip map


Une réflexion sur “Scandinavian trip – Episode 4 : Stockholm

  1. C’est superbe !
    Un vrai livre , très riche et bien argumenté.
    Cela donne envie de faire le même voyage que toi.
    Gros bisous


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