Scandinavian trip – Episode 3 : Göteborg, Örebro, Västerås


In Gothenburg (aka Göteborg, but the english name is much easier to pronounce) I stayed with people from norway, costa-rica and another couchsurfer from germany. Still no swedish host so far ! One of them was waiting for me at the tram station and the night was incredibly warm as we walked to his place. The cold days in Copenhagen seemed already far behind.

I liked Gothenburg because it ‘s an active, busy city and at the same time with nature, even wild in it’s heart. Also that the first non-flat city of the trip. Like in most of cities, water as an important place. Canals surround the city center.

Canal in the center

And  Göteborg is the biggest harbour of Scandinavia. That was maybe the main reason fwhy I enjoyed the city : I like harbour cities.

Göteborg's harbour

The first museum I visited was quiet unusual, a floating museum made of 19 different boats (one of them being actually a submarine). That was cool and the guide was pretty.


After that I walked on the waterfront to take pictures of the harbour.

Lilla Bommen

I don’t even know what this red-white building is.

And I got this typical picture of the city. Yes there is a tram on the bridge.

Lilla Bommen

These blue trams are everywhere in the city, thats part of the landscape. And for tourists going to Liseberg (the amusement park) they have a very old one. I took some 24h tickets and used public transports intensively.


The weather was so pleasant that I eat several ice creams during the day. That’s taken from where I eat the first one.


Then I went to the botannical garden and the Slottskogen park, 2 wonderfull piece of nature in the heart of the city. When you walk a bit in the botannical garden you end up in wild areas, that doesn’t look like a garden anymore.. My host in Stockholm said later it’s the most beautiful botanic garden in Sweden, at least his favourite.

Waterfall in the botannic garden

Back in the center, here is the neighborhood called Haga, where old wooden houses remains.


And above it the small tower of Skansen Kronan gives the best panorama of Gothenburg I think. There were also a lot of points of views in the hilly parks.

Looking to the center from Skansen Kronan

In the evening, the german who was sharing the flat for almost 3 weeks made a very good indian dinner for us 4.

The day after, following advices, I took the boat to the fortress Nya Älvsborg located at the entrance of the harbour. It was supposed to be quiet expensive but the boatman never asked me to pay, so I went there for free. The boat trip lasted 30min and offered nice views of the city.

View of the center

An old ship

And the fortress is worth to see.

Nya Älvsborg

The fortress is now in a very « modern » environment between the harbour and windmills to produce electricity. That makes it appear small. Especially when a huge cargo ship sails behind.



Cargo ship

In the afternoon there were some showers, so museums were a good idea.

City museum

Before joining my hosts for a barbecue on the archipelago. After a 40min rain during the tram trip to reach the ferry, the sky stayed incredibly blue.

The archipelago

Beside a too friendly cat which caused coffee and beer stains on my pants, we saw a bit of wildlife.


On May 21st I left Gothenburg early in the morning for a long day in the train. Not that early but at 9am only the german woke up !


It takes almost 3h to go to Örebro in the middle of the country. I went there for its castle but there were nothing interesting to visit inside, quiet disappointing. But it’s really nice from the outside, a typical swedish castle surrounded by water.

Örebro castle


But beside the castle, along the river was a very pleasant garden with an open-air museum called Wadköping. This neighborhood gathered some old wooden houses from the city center in the 60s.



It’s located in a great park full of sculptures along the river.

Sculpture in Örebro

And wildlife of course.

Goose with kids

RikstelefonI already saw these public phones in other cities, typically swedish.


After spending a few hours in Örebro I took another train to Västerås where I met some couchsurfers I hosted in Paris in february. It was nice to see them again. In the evening we had a typical swedish meal at their student house : meatballs with mashed potatoes. I think it’s the first swedish meal I had so far. Then we had fun in Västerås by night, entering a few bars and clubs including the highest bar in sweden located in the skycraper.

In the morning on my way to the train station I heard some music : this was a music festival called MusikRUM. There were essentially brass-bands and marching-bands and that was pleasant to listen to them, especially playing some ABBA.

Marching band

I liked the sculpture of cyclists in Västerås, and the wooden houses along the river. But there is not many more to see (That’s the way Västerås was advertised to me !)

Cyclists in Västerås

Wooden houses in Västerås

I left the city early to take advantage of the very sunny weather in Stockholm.

Go on with episode 4 : Stockholm >


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