Scandinavian trip – Episode 2 : Skåne


On Sunday I crossed the Øresund bridge to Malmö. In the fog, only the bridge structure was visible, not the water under and it was almost like flying, really smoothly, really quickly.

Malmö is located just on the other side of the Øresund, so it’s only half an hour from Copenhagen. The first thing I saw outside the station is a huge parking.

bike parking

It’s a really nice city, smaller, although the 3rd bigest city in Sweden, and a bit more colorful than Copenhagen. The small streets are really quiet.

A nice brick building in Malmö

Street in the center

After looking for a map I went to the form and design center which looked appealing but ended up being only 2 rooms, so not much to see. But it showed different architecture project for the new congress center of the city with models, I liked that.

The form and design center is located in a small courtyard

Museums are cheap in Malmö, for 40 crowns (4 euros) you can access everything in and around the Malmöhus (the castle of the city). There was among others an exhibit on Nelson Mandela and I also learned some facts about swedish history. I now know that Scania became Swedish in 1658 after the peace of Roskilde was signed with Denmark. Then Denmark failed repeatedly retaking the province.

A tower of the Malmöhus

The main entrance of the Malmöhus

A mill next to the castleA windmill next to the castle, like in Copenhagen citadel.

After that I took many pictures from Turning Tørsø, the tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia, which I really like the shape. The neighboroud around is also very pleasant: a huge park and a beach and some new eco-friendly houses.

Turning Torso

The tower dominating Västra Hamnen

Turning Torso

It’s supposed to be deconstructivist. I like that whatever it means !

The Öresund bridge, facing the Västra Hamnen

Västra Hamnen

Coming back to the center I made other discoveries.

The Post

The Post, a huge brick building, looks almost Danish !

The non-violence sculpture

I will see the same non-violence sculpture in Gothenburg.

The Moderna Museet

The Moderna Museet was already closed and unfortunately also on mondays.

In the evening I met my hosts, a very kind chinese couple and their bunny, we had dinner together, talked and listened some Joe Hisaishi music.

The day after I walked a bit in the city in the morning, exploring the Pildammpark and going back to the central station.


In the center

S:T Petri Kirka


I then took the train to Lund, a university town nearby. So mostly young people in the streets. The center looked like a village, it was really nice.


The city is also famous for its old cathedral. Lund has a 10 centuries history.

Lund's cathedral

That was the first day with so much blue sky !

I spent some time in the Kulturen, an open-air museum plenty of old houses, and surprisingly with an exhibit on China.

In Kulturen

In Kulturen

In KulturenThat explains why I didn’t stayed at my host place in Lund 😉

In Kulturen

In Kulturen

I spotted this bird of prey, in the heart of the city !

In Kulturen

And this really nice bike…

In the evening I came back to my host in Malmö for the night.

Kullaberg Nature Reserve

Tuesday I left Malmö to go north. Train to Helsingborg and then 2 busses to reach Mölle, almost the end of the road. There is the Kullaberg Nature Reserve, a gem of forest on a peninsula surounded by the North Sea.

Map of the reserve


Highland cows in Kullaberg

The lighthouse

The cape


After heading West to the cape to reach the lighthouse I went back to the East to look for Ladonia which was uneasy to find, because not on the maps.
This is huge driftwood structures on the shore made by an anarchist artist. That’s certainly the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in Sweden.




The hike was much more hilly and winding than expected, I walked more than 5 hours.

Back in Mölle


Then again the bus to come back to Helsingborg where I spent 1 hour rambling around waiting for the train to Gothenburg.




I really liked this city hall.

After a long day I finally arrive to Gothenburg at eleven in the evening where my new hosts waited for me.

Go on with Episode 3 : Göteborg, Örebro and Västerås >



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